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Creative process for a logo design and branding

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The best teacher is practice! That‘s what my english teacher thought me, besides her creative hours of course. My creative process is simple.

First we must establish what makes your product unique and the differences between you and other competitors. What is the story behind your product and why or how you do what you do.

What are the best three words that describe the product/company. The style and the key characteristics of the brand are created here.

The third and i think the most important is the message your audience will get. The feel your costumers will receive from using your products and where you stand. The style and other characteristics for the logo/brand/product are developed with the main idea in mind. Three points that helps both of us to create a unique start and a original product in the end.

An idea is not born from nothing. Is from creating and exploring more patterns, processes, connecting more. Creative process for a logo design and branding starts from paper. Sketching is the most important part from the whole process. Here i can free my flow of ideas and I can make as many mistakes i want. Any sketch from here can go further and can be developed into a good concept for the client.

Creating something unique from just an idea is what attracted me into this field and made me more curious about it. I like Graphic Design because with every project i can learn more and be able to connect the missing dots, so how can I be in your service?

logo mockup design

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