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A smile, a feel, in a few words what is photography

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

What is like to catch a moment? A smile, a feel, in a few words what is photography for me. Is like running in a marathon. In all that chaos a photo catch a spot, a vibrance of the event. And the best of it is that you can watch that moment and feel it over and over again. You can stop the clock of time and enjoy it, a superhero from this planet, you can stop the water and the rain, the sky and the clouds, the movement or an action.

Photography is like jumping into time and space, is like a portal to an old dimension that gives you the chance to be a part of that moment, a memory put it in a loop that sometimes gives you a smile. :)

Gives you tension, knowledge, create asymmetry and patterns. Makes the world a beautiful place. Show us how simple, spotless and creative is our environment.

Every discipline is interconnected in a way so we can learn it and make a point after, from our perspective and ideas. Personally gives me the chance of saying much with little!

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