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The Lost Spirit of the 60's

Welcome to the NFT Collection

Where the haunting beauty of the 1960's comes alive through a captivating digital masterpiece. This collection invites you to immerse yourself in a melodramatic tale of love, adventure, and unwavering loyalty, set against the backdrop of a vintage era suspended in time.


Our story

In the spectral twilight of the 1960s, Jack, a man without a future, roams the desolate highways, his heart burdened by untold dreams. His journey takes a turn when he meets Evelyn, a woman with a past as enigmatic as the stars. Together, they traverse the ghostly remnants of a bygone era, unraveling hidden memories and uncovering unspoken truths.

The Companions

Max - The Beacon of Joy
Max, a beasty French bulldog, dressed in a sleek, sporty hoodie, embodies joy and hope. His boundless energy and playful spirit uplift Jack and Evelyn, reminding them that even in the midst of sorrow, there is light to be found.

Wolfie - The Guardian of Midnight Roads
Wolfie with the heart of a wolf, stands as the fearless protector. Clad in his sporty hoodie, Wolfie’s loyalty and courage guide Jack and Evelyn through their darkest moments, ensuring their safety on the midnight roads.

Diesel - The Silent Warrior
Diesel, the introverted and ambitious cat, completes the trio. With his sharp instincts and strategic mind, Diesel’s quiet strength and readiness for action provide a steadfast foundation for their journey.

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